Thursday, September 10, 2009

Parmesan Country Frie......oops

I was all set to make a real country cookin' meal-- chicken fried steak--for Norris because he likes stuff like that sometimes. I was also trying to find things to use some of our steak from our cow. (again, not doing that this year!!) It was round steak, and I made the whole recipe, and even the pan gravy, but I was not feeling like it looked or smelled that great. Norris came home and concurred that the steak was definitely too chewy (but he did say the gravy was awesome!) we went out instead! Oops!
I have been wanting to go to Jose Peppers that just opened here and it was really really good! Definitely better than a few of the other chain "Mexican" restaurants around here. Their salsa is really good with fresh cilantro stirred in, and the Corona shrimp tacos were awesome! Fresh avocado on top, served San Diego style. And a little blob of that yummy sweet corn pudding stuff. Awesome!
Cooking FAIL, but we found a new place we liked!!