Friday, September 18, 2009

Guest Blogger(s): My Grandparents!!!

First, I have to say how fortunate I am to have FOUR awesome grandparents! They all live within two hours of me too, which is wonderful.
I talked to Gram the other night, and she said that Granddad (the cookie maker in their house) was going to try those cookies I posted the other day, and that he was going to go out and find almond meal and try them that way. He took that challenge quickly!
He even sent me pictures of them all set up on his tray:) They said they had more of a "mealy" texture...makes me really curious to try almond meal now just to see what they're talking about.

EDIT: (from his email to me after reading this :)
I neglected to tell you that I actually made the almond meal.
Using a cup of unbleached almonds, slightly heaped, I processed them in the Cuisinart, pulsing until the nuts appeared as a texture similar to that of corn meal. That amount produced a cup of meal.
Regarding the "mealy" flavor, after the cookies had thoroughly cooled, the flavor was great -- no more "mealy" stuff.
Look, he even took a close-up so we could see the texture!
Love you grandparents!! (all of you!)