Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eating Well Chocolate Chip Cookies

Like the title says, these cookies are from Eating Well-- "Bev's Chocolate Chip Cookies". The interesting part comes where you grind up oatmeal to replace some of the flour, then use only whole wheat flour. I didn't change the recipe, so I'll link you to the original on the Eating Well website. These were great, and the dough tasted pretty darn good too :) These will probably be my new "home" recipe since they have better nutritional stats than the Thick and Chewy. Norris really liked them, but said he likes those greasy cookies (aka the other ones with an entire stick more butter!).

The suggestion says you can use almond meal instead of the rolled oats..I've never worked with almond meal before, but I'm curious to know more about it. Let me know if you try it that way!
99 calories per cookie!--and way better than those 100 calorie bar things you can buy at the store!
FENCE= FINISHED!!! Only have to get the gate done and Bruno has new stomping grounds! We even have little patches of grass for him to roll around in:)
I have parent teacher conferences this week plus I am helping out at a puff pastry class tomorrow (which should mean I have some good new recipes!), but also means I won't be around much. Maybe I'll make something on Tuesday night, the only night I'll be here!