Monday, October 4, 2010

The dogs.

I know, another dog picture post. These made me laugh, so hopefully they'll make you smile today, too :)
Norris decided to try to take a picture of him with both the dogs. The first picture is what most of them turned out like...

The most normal one with them...
My attempt. Amazingly, Bear is now the camera looker and Bruno could care less!

I wanted to take another picture to compare with this one. Bear has gained a few lbs...clocking in at 82 lbs right now. Giant, I tell you! You should see his paw prints in the wet ground. I am forever reciting the poem "Something Big Has Been Here"..
And the pick-up. Bear still doesn't really care, but it's getting harder to do!
I think Bruno was jealous, because later he hopped up on Norris' lap. They are clearly lap dogs.

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