Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Waaahooooo!! Congratulations Lauren and Zac!

If that's not authentic surprise, she's a really great actress!
My younger sister and Zac got engaged this weekend!!! He did an incredible job of planning two big surprises right in a row--he proposed and then got her to come to the place where we were all waiting to celebrate with them. It was a great night and I am so happy for them.

Lauren, I am so excited to be your maid of honor. So excited that I want to offer to make you a dress just like this. I'll wear a dress like the girl on the left, except multi colored, since I know you like color. Okay? One more thing to put a checkmark by--dress-check! It's made completely out of balloons, so I might pass out at the actual wedding from lack of oxygen, but you'll look cool!

If you decide not to take me up on it--:)This is such an exciting time and I am anxious for all the fun things ahead for you guys!