Sunday, May 3, 2009

Back for a moment!

I have taken the last week off not out of choice, but because of no time! See, even my dog is giving me the puppy dog eyes that tell me he hasn't seen me enough lately! :)
We successfully fed a little under 300 people at the high school's dinner theater. Many many batches of potato soup and cream cheese icing later, we were done. The meal was simple: salads, turkey and cheese sandwiches, potato soup, and devil's food cupcakes with cream cheese icing. With that and all the other things going on, I am finally back!
This week, Russ and Norris finished our countertops and backsplash and I LOVE it!! I feel like I'm in a new kitchen! These pictures don't do much, but it's great and I love it! No more yellow in the kitchen or the bathroom....woooo hooo!!! Before and after photos...I resorted to prepackages food a couple times this week....made a trip to Great Harvest and it's just as good as I remembered. Wandered around Whole Foods a few minutes and came out with these things. You should make an emergency trip to your nearest Whole Foods or other store like that and treat yourself to some. You won't be disappointed! I guess they must be really good if I felt compelled to take a picture of the actual bag. DORK!!Then we went and wandered through some Parade of Homes places. It's most fun if you go to places you couldn't ever afford. Like this--5000 square foot penthouse corner loft in the new WaterWalk development. This is the view from the bedroom floor (looks out over some of downtown) and the floor below it is living space. The master bathroom counter was so long that I could lay down between the two sinks. Of coures I didn't actually lay down, but I know it was THAT big!! Then the upper floor is your own private rooftop terrace with indoor party room attached. Sweet!! Except you don't have any sort of lawn. Not so cool. The plan for the building is to put a pool on the bottom level and have cafes and shops. Should be a pretty cool area once it's done!

Went to my grandparents' today for my pre birthday dinner, and it was great as always! They are pretty good at throwing together a great lunch considering I called at eight this morning to tell them we were coming... :) But I think grandparents always like surprise visits from their grandkids, right? Thanks again for lunch!!

And I will come to a close because I don't have anything else to say/don't want to bore anyone any more!! Soccer tomorrow night and then I'll actually cook at home a few times this week!