Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cheater Sweet and Sour Chicken

Really, the best reason for this post is to brag on the fact that I had the coolest guest speakers today!! :) My grandparents drove two hours to come to my classroom to teach my ProStart students the art of the cream puff (and give away the secret that they're really not that hard!!) Gram makes them look even easier after fifty-some years of practice. She won't give away the exact number of years--Granddad threw in that it is definitely over fifty though. She has done all sorts of experimenting to come up with her perfect recipe for them, and shared that with my students today. They got to stuff their faces with beautiful little cream puffs, and they will be making themselves tomorrow! Thanks so much for coming!!

So, dinner after I might have consumed a couple of those lovely little puffs... (I did go to the gym though!)...

This is truly my kind of weeknight meal--use up leftover stuff, get it done quickly. Not really a recipe, just my "note to self" to remember to do it again!

20 minute meal:
frozen precut pepper and onion blend
brown rice
prepared sweet and sour sauce (leftover from food sale Friday)
crunchy thingies (La Choy things) leftover from salad!

Chop chicken into bite sized pieces and coat with a SMALL amount of cornstarch and stir fry seasonings (ginger, sesame seed, crushed red pepper).
Cook rice. Heat up pepper/onion blend. Heat up sweet and sour sauce.
Heat up 1 1/2 t oil in a wok. Once hot, stir fry chicken in it.
Plate rice, then chicken, vegetables, sauce, and crunchies. Done!
Back tomorrow with the cream puff recipe!