Monday, August 10, 2009

The reason for the delay

We were set to close on a Friday, so we had our house in boxes, like this:
We got a call that morning telling us it wouldn't happen that day because of some paperwork issue. It would be happening Monday. Then we get a call later in the day saying we'll have to wait until Wednesday. Then on Tuesday we find out it might not happen until Thursday. I'm fine with waiting extra time, but it was so frustrating to already be completely packed and living out of boxes! We went to our friends' wedding--we were a sight running around the house trying to dig through boxes to find the right shoes, belt, jewelry, etc. What a mess! But it all worked out and we are mostly moved in here, and we had lots of help from our families--thanks again! I will share pictures of this place soon.
The fun part was that Karis came to visit and we actually got to hang out instead of unpacking dishes! We're weird and always thought it was funny to take pictures in the bathroom when we go places, so we got Laine in on it this time:)
So, like I said, we went to a wedding the next night:

And Norris tried on someone's suspenders. I think the man in the hat behind him is calling for backup?
Food posts, coming right up!! Thanks for being patient! (ha, if you're still here that is!!)