Monday, August 17, 2009

Do we live in the desert??

Part of moving seems to be repeating many of the same projects we did at our old house in the last year. We hung some blinds today, started to plant some grass, and some other repeat projects, but the biggest and most difficult is definitely the fence.
Our yard is sooooo hard. Tons of rocks and really clay-ish ground. Norris has been out there for a lot longer on this fence than the last one and he hasn't gotten half as far, so I feel really bad for him! He's been working really really hard and we're both anxious to have a yard both for privacy and for a place for Bruno to run around. Until then, he's loving the backyard neighbor's sod..he'll go roll around in it and lay down and won't come home.
We only moved about a mile north, and we wound up with completely different ground! The results will be great, but until then, better make Norris a chiropractic appointment, because this project is definitely not good on his body!