Friday, August 28, 2009

In the presence of my enemies...

And no, it's not my enemies! And I'm so thankful that I've never been through anything even remotely like this, and cannot believe how inspirational this woman is after having been through this.
My grandma and aunt invited me to join them last night for their Christian Women's Club speaker-- Gracia Burnum. Maybe you've seen her on Locked Up: Abroad?? (yeah, we love that show) She and her husband were captured in the Phillipines by the Abu Sayyaf and were held in captivity for a year before her husband died in their SEVENTEENTH gun battle they had been through in that year. She was injured but rescued, and came home (to a town just outside of our city) to raise her family on her own.
Wow--she is now speaking all across the country and even has a sense of humor about what she's been through. When she was talking about her experiences, it was almost hard to believe, even though I knew she was telling the truth, just because it seems like something that could never happen. Now this part is even more amazing---her mission is to pray for these people that held her captive and she is in correspondence with them today (many of them are in jail). Wow! Makes me think a looooot about forgiveness and putting things in perspective.

Picture of the book is from Amazon...for a way better recap of the book, follow that link!
And, no, I haven't really made anything worth writing about this week. It was good stuff, but I've already shown it to you! Some really yummy homemade pizza, a chicken and rice bake, and hmmm...a PBJ? :)