Monday, April 13, 2009

There's no place like home, but I loved Dallas!

We had such a great weekend in Dallas! I got to meet a bunch of Norris' college friends I hadn't met before, and some other people. John and Haley's wedding was so pretty--check out this cake!

The wedding was held at a really nice winery, with a cocktail hour after the ceremony, then the reception back inside. The centerpieces were so pretty and she did a great job planning it all. We had such a good time all weekend. We wound up going to a place called the Glass Cactus (click on link to look at the pictures, click on photos at the top--it has an awesome outdoor deck!) two nights in a row because we had so much fun the first night. It reminded me more of Vegas than any other place I've been outside of Vegas.

Anyway, back to "real life", although it was great to get away for a weekend, and for a great reason to celebrate!