Thursday, April 2, 2009

Setting a good example

I am often challenged with setting a good example in front of my students. Even if you think they aren't watching, they are. When I think they are all just off in la-la land, they see and hear what I say and do. It kind of amazes me!
This means that I have a huge responsibility to be a good example for them. They need someone who can relate to them and also be a role model. Someone who can communicate and act like a professional. I try to do this every day, and can only hope I am doing my job of that. This job often seems to be even more important than teaching content. Only when both of those things are happening can you have a successful classroom.

I saw this article and am pretty amazed with this seemingly humble man who also happens to be in charge of the Kansas City Royals. This story is a really cool one--click the link to read. It's kind of a lenghty article, but a great read about someone who is in a position where he could be a role model of how to greedily live it up with the money he has or someone who can continue to stick to what they believe in and be a good example for so many people.

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