Friday, August 1, 2008

Our House...a bit further along!

I'm still figuring out this posting photos thing. Apparently the ones you upload first go to the bottom of the screen, and then get jumbled in order, so I apologize for there being no particular order!

Anyway...a little progress here, although I don't know how to decorate these recessed hole things yet. We got a cool blown glass plate and stand (above the fireplace) at the furniture store. New TV, and new Wii!! This is obviously our entertainment place, and the place we spend the most time when we are inside!

Norris' project--Troy and Norris put our mini-fridge into the wall in the corner of the basement. We wanted some sort of fridge down here, and we didn't want it just sitting out, so this was his "brilliant idea". They did do a really good job and trimmed it, so it fits perfectly in the spot. Now, when we sell this house, who wants a hole in the wall?!?
Our new giant sectional sofa. Love it!
Behind the sofa area, the bar and card table, still set up from last weekend. Definitely a party basement! We still don't know how to arrange things down there.
You can also see into the third bedroom, which I am choosing not to post a picture of because it is so packed full of stuff! It all has its place, but there are a few bookshelves, two desks, a bed, etc.
Our new kitchen floor. Don't know what to do about a table up here yet either, so we are decorating with our butcher block island. We are also currently decorating with leftover candy and centerpieces on the ledge:)
Ha...definitely not progress in the utility room! But hey, no more wallpaper, for the most part! We also purchased a washer and dryer, which is definitely nice to have! Lots of work to go in this room. We have the paint, just need to get there, and it's not at the top of our current list.
Our beautiful backyard! Norris is doing an awesome job of rehab-ing this area!
My project--the white front door. Almost done, a few touch ups needed. Then to work on adding some color! The middle window is the kitchen window above the sink.
Looking in that side area in the basement. We definitely have enough seating. And we definitely have a lot of work to do decorating wise! Right now, we have lots of hand me downs and our own old college stuff!
Guest room. Behind those white doors lies my great big closet!

Looking down the hallway. Back room is our room, left is bathroom, back right is guest room. New light fixtures, trim, paint, and doorknobs (from gold to brushed nickel).
Kitchen--finally have appliances! Still working on countertops and dishwasher. I did some work on the cabinets to spruce them up and get rid of the scratches and it really worked well. We still need to replace the hardware to brushed nickel. That sounds easy, but we have an odd length of handles which is difficult to find!
The kitchen. We removed this weird open cabinet thing there on the left and don't know what to do with that space now. We were thinking some sort of open shelving...
Still in the kitchen. That corner needs a table, but we don't know which one!
The upstairs living room/dining room (no furniture yet though). I would like to get two slipper chairs and a small table for a sitting/reading area.

The living/dining room upstairs. We don't have any chairs yet! And we have not decorated this corner or dressed this window, obviously. I would like to get a buffet or china cabinet for this corner. The table is really pretty--it's Norris' grandfather's that he had custom made for his San Diego home, and now it's in our house! It's a well traveled table!
Still in the living/dining room, looking into kitchen and down hallway.
The bathroom thus far. We picked this blue color and changed the light fixtures and bathroom hardware to brushed nickel. We finally got a different shower curtain. Now we have to get a new vanity and floor!
The guest room, currently full of my old stuff from my apartment and college years!

Thanks for spending the time to look! If you are up for a project weekend, let us know:) Just kidding of course. We are almost there! If you want to come stay in this bed or on one of our ten couches, let us know--we love company!!