Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oooh...Back to school, back to school...

If anyone's reading this, I hope you are saying the lines from Billy Madison in your head and picturing Adam Sandler with a lunch box waiting for the school bus:)
The whole staff starts back tomorrow, which means I really have to be in the building and at meetings! Woah! I really have been working hard on getting some unit planning done and getting lots of contacts made with employers. It will be strange now with everyone there, almost like letting everyone else in on my territory, even though I'm the new one! It's been kind of nice to be there because I was forced to get familiar with the building, my room, and my new job. I have learned a lot and am excited for this school year.
I truly am excited for what is to come. I am so excited to meet my kids and get to know them and figure them out (as much as it is possible to figure out a teenager, anyway!). I am excited to cook great meals with them and everything else. Wooohooo!!!
Any other teachers actually excited for this school year?

Don't get me wrong--I already mourned the end of summer; it's time for some kiddos in my empty classroom now! (Let's see what I'm saying about this here in about a month and a half....:)