Friday, August 1, 2008

The Boos wedding reception!!

Oh how I wish I could figure out this picture thing--just when I get it figured out it switches! I certainly didn't intend for our picture to be the first picture of the Boos wedding post.
We had a great time two weeks ago at Carianne and Aaron Boos' wedding reception in Topeka! They got married at the end of May in beautiful Mexico, and we all got to celebrate with them here! We had a good time--good food, good company, and good music to keep us out on the dance floor almost all night. Congratulations, you two!

So, us outside of the Capitol Plaza. Again, definitely not the focus, but can't figure out how to make this the last photo!

Their beautiful cake! It was really cool--it looked like the beach, and had chocolate shells. This is their topper from 5th Avenue in Playa....topper number two since the first one's head snapped off:)
One of the highlights of the evening--Carianne and her dad danced to Hey Carianne. They had a great dance they had practiced-- really fun to watch!
Cake cutting! And cheesecake bites...yummm!! Their dress and "suit" were really nice--all white and beachy!
Mr. and Mrs. Boos' first dance!