Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter mini vacation

I think I'll always consider the lake a vacation. It's sometimes nice to just turn your phone off, not be very connected, and just relax. Some trips to the lake are more relaxing than others, but this one certainly ranked higher up on that relaxing list! There weren't many other people out there, so the dogs could run free, which they loved. The lake was iced over, so you can see Bruno in the picture below "walking on water". He definitely enjoyed that more than Bear did.
Also, I love the new camera Norris got me. It really captures colors a lot better than my old digital, and I think it does a pretty dandy job for a point and shoot!


Amber said...

These pictures are fabulous! What kind of camera did you get? I need a new one...all I use right now is my cell phone camera!

Cara said...

Thank you! He got me a Canon ELPH. It's really small and has a big screen on the back. Love it so far!