Sunday, January 15, 2012

Owl Birthday Cake

A fun night with a girlfriend making a first birthday cake definitely went better than either of us expected! Her sweet baby girl is turning one in a couple of days and was an owl for Halloween, so an owl themed birthday party was a perfect fit. We made a two layer lemon cake with chocolate buttercream between the layers, iced it with white buttercream, then put store bought pink fondant over it. We made the owl out of rice krispies, then iced her in different colors of buttercream (we stuck the head to the body with toothpicks and those are the only stabilizers we needed to use). The letters are glittery sticky letters that we "glued" with buttercream. We made about 30-40 cupcakes in varying colors to go with her and they turned out really cute! This was a really fun project!

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