Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Girls night in the kitchen

Last night I had a great time in the kitchen with a few girlfriends! They had been asking me (for about a year, oops!) to do something like this, so I figured it was finally time. We ate some delicious food and had a great time in the kitchen together.
On the menu:
Cheesy Stuffed Chicken
Sauteed Summer Squash

These are all adapted from different places and I have put my own touches on them over time to create new versions of the recipes. I was looking for a menu that they would like and that would be easy enough to recreate for their hubbies and families. Anyone can impress with these dishes without spending all day in the kitchen!
We were too busy having fun to take many pictures, but here are a few, some taken from my lovely friends. Thanks for coming, girls!

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