Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cheddar Apple Bacon Sandwich

I know I've said this before, but I often find myself eating the same breakfast and lunch every weekday. I make five servings of something on Sundays and just reheat all week and it works for me. Already know the calorie count and it's a no-brainer because I don't have to bring lunch with me every day (just bring it all on Monday and store it in my fridge at work).
Three times this week I wound up eating the same thing for dinner too, so I ate the exact same breakfast, lunch, and snack three times this week. Sounds boring, but everything was so good that I just wanted to have it again! This sandwich is not much of a recipe, and I didn't take a photo/think I would share it the first two times because it's just a sandwich, but decided if I've had it three times in a week I better have some record of it for me to refer to later when I'm looking for ideas. This combination is delicious!!

Cheddar Apple Bacon Sandwich

1.5 pieces center cut bacon, cut in half
1 oz sharp cheddar cheese, cut in thin slices
1/2 fuji or gala apple (my favorite varieties for things like this), cut in thin slices
2 pieces whole wheat bread
honey dijon mustard to taste

Cook bacon. Drain off drippings (leave enough just to grease bottom of pan if cooking in pan). Arrange bacon, cheese and apple slices on bread pieces. Cook in pan and press down to flatten sandwich. Cook on both sides for about four minutes. Spread with honey dijon mustard.
OR--if you have a sweet panini press like I do (thanks Jason and Amber!) make it on that!

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