Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Holidays

I can't believe the holiday break is coming on its last few days--lots of things to do in the next few days, including planning for a new class I'm teaching this semester!
A little of our Christmas holiday:
country cruising with the dog riding on the tool box, his favorite place

I promise, they really do get along--Bruno and Jack. It appears as though Bruno is sniffing Jack's diaper for some goods!!

Treacherous driving conditions--a semi off on the side of the road. Amazing it didn't flip!
Norris wore a snuggie. The funny part is that this belongs to Zac!! He does not look as excited as a Snuggie model should.

Bruno and Maggie (Lauren and Zac's Akita) got along really morning he woke me up whimpering (not sure I've ever really heard him do that before!) so I took him out to go to the bathroom. Of course, he was just looking for Maggie, so he just stood there and ate snow while I shivered and wanted to go back to bed.

Going to a friend's New Year party tonight, and relaxing the rest of the weekend! Happy 2010!

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