Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ridiculous, but fun!

We started our preparation for this wild food sale week (what was I thinking scheduling two in one week, anyway??) yesterday with the preparation of cinnamon roll dough-- enough to make 216 rolls. Today, we shaped them, and in the other class, made seven recipes of focaccia and four S'mores cakes. Thank goodness for our industrial mixer and other equipment!!
I am proud of my kids for how well they have done! I have some helpers coming in the morning at about 6:15 (I plan to get there a little before 6) to bake and ice the rolls so they will be fresh out of the oven for the teachers who preordered theirs. That way they can take them to our weekly 7:10 meeting and the meeting will be a little bit better because of them, hopefully! I know some teachers have bought them for their families, their classes, and even to freeze for the holidays, so I really hope they enjoy them. After tomorrow morning, we have our lunch on Thursday. We will be "reflecting" on Friday for sure!
Last night's recipe was toasted ravioli; tonight's is Chicken and rice with lemon poppyseed muffins. Nothing too exciting-- simple but homemade, which is what counts! Happy Halloween week! What are you going to be for Halloween???