Tuesday, October 28, 2008

4 monthiversary?

For some reason, even after being in the kitchen all day at work, I really wanted to work in the kitchen at home. I think I get so excited to try ideas and recipes that I think of while at school that I want to do them immediately at home.
This cake could be something simple and semi-impressive to bring to a small get together or something for work, but it probably won't make it there if you're like us.
The "healthy" part of it is:

1 box yellow cake mix
1 regular sized can pure pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling; not the giant fat can)

Mix together and bake according to package directions. Make it in your Bundt pan to make it a little more special than a regular cake!

Then, Norris wanted me to ice it. I didn't want to make a heavy cream cheese icing. I wanted to make some sort of a glaze. I was burning my Henri Bendel Bitter Orange candle, and it made me think of orange icing!

1 c powdered sugar
3 T orange juice
1 T melted butter

Drizzle it over the top! I did it while it was still warm, so it pretty much soaked into the cake, which I actually like. You could wait until the cake is cooled and the icing is set before doing it and it would probably sit on top of the cake more.
We just ate way too much of this cake and it was so good! You could make it without the icing for a "diet" dessert (hey, it's better than the real cake recipe, right?!?):)

We've been married for a whopping 4 months today. I really can't believe how fast those four months have gone....and am sure I will be saying the same thing about 50 years from now!