Thursday, October 8, 2009

Banana Chocolate Chip Souffle

We had a guest chef from Yia Yia's at Bonnie's a couple weeks ago who had this souffle on his menu. Normally the chefs bring recipes that are their own and typed out nicely, etc. He passed out his recipe--and it was printed straight from the Food Newtork! The only change he made was to use butterscotch chips instead of chocolate, which is amaaaazing. You could also use white chocolate.

This has a lot of different things going on that I thought would be perfect for our ProStart Kitchen Basics lab (weigh ingredients on a food scale, chop, diagonal slice bananas, whip eggs whites, fold in, brown butter, measure, etc.) so I made this for my kids as a demonstration and then they made it themselves. They really enjoyed it! It's also really good with butterscotch chips (that's how I like it best) or with white chocolate chips.

Here's the link.

No pictures. Oops. I wanted the kids to eat it before it started falling (it's something you eat pretty much straight out of the oven). We baked it in these cute little soup crocks and it would be a perfect company dessert. It takes a little extra time to beat the egg whites, but if you have a stand mixer, just set it to go and forget it for a while!

Oohh...this is definitely in my "to make" list chocolate souffle!!