Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dinner by the fire

We went camping Friday night out at Marion Lake since it was so nice out. Little did we know there was a Bellamy Brothers concert nearby, so the campground was almost full! We went to the primitive area since we didn't need hookups, and got a great campsite over there. Guess who slept the whole way out there? Spoiled much?Pretty nice location! Norris cooked us dinner, and Jason brought the s'mores. Norris even brought knives and pans he got from a garage sale specifically for the purpose of using over the fire. I was impressed! I thought tent camping dinners consisted of Doritos and hot dogs, but I was way off! The cook made us steak and potatoes over the fire.

Complete with ketchup packets Jason snagged from Casey's. :)
The cook...this is my kind of cooking! Sit outside and look at the nice scenery and just wait for it to be done! Hopefully there will be a few more camping nights this summer for us.