Sunday, February 22, 2009

Resume Class as normal...

The ProStart competition has finally come and gone! Last week was a crazy week with only four days of school, and I was gone for 2.5 of them. My ProStart students competed in the state culinary competition. It was our first year and such a great experience for them. We didn't place in the top three, but hey we didn't expect to :) The kids were still smiling at the end, and one of my girls (and me!) was even in a newspaper article about it!
Race is on, there are 60 minutes to make the meal that they have been practicing every day for the last 7 weeks. "Start" is yelled, and one of my students flips on the portable burner only to have a small burst of flame go out the end. Oops! Leaking butane...not something we had to worry about in practice! Only a few cinged arm hairs, and they were off, nicknaming themselves the "firestarters"...
Their final plate presentation. FINAL! How many times did they practice these recipes and evolve them...I don't even know. They are all a combination of many different sources plus some thoughts from their own brains, which I'm most proud of:)
Our cheering section! I was so grateful to have a lot of their parents come out, and my grandparents even came to check it out....we found my grandpa checking out the display tables. I think he wished he would have brought a fork.... Thanks for coming!

So, now it's back to class as normal. We can make things other than cucumber cups, spicy tangerine beef, and poached pears. THANKFULLY!! We are excited to try some different things again (Dec. was the last time they made anything not for competition). I think yeast breads are going to be next, just for a break, then on to the stocks, sauces, and soups unit.

Anybody find a Savannah bar???? I am hoping our Great Harvest here in Wichita has them!