Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year! and a few dog pics...can't resist..

I couldn't resist starting off with a couple of pictures of Bruno. He traveled really well with us, to three different towns in four days. He slept on the console during the truck rides--he won't fit there for long, so I had to get a picture! He also got a steak for Christmas. It squeaks, and he loves it.

Moving on...
Tomorrow is New Years Eve! We are hosting a party here with all sorts of food and drinks. My friend Laine is helping host it. We are having:
-buffalo chicken dip with celery and chicken crackers
-spinach and artichoke dip with cucumbers, carrots, and tortilla chips
-homemade guacamole
-chicken salad in puff pastry
-candied nuts
-assorted chocolate candies/homemade fudge (finishing off the Christmas stash)
-mini cheescakes with Nilla wafer crust (pretty excited about these!)
-lots of different kinds of drinks-- including our "specialty" Blue Lagoon :)
and most importantly, lots of friends! I am pretty excited to use this cool new server that has two optional warming trays and pans that I got from my brother in law. It will get put to good use! Off to get things together around the house, return a few things from a really wonderful Christmas celebration with ALL of our families. We had a really great Christmas and are extremely blessed with our families and friends.
Happy New Year--see you in 2009!