Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bakeathon! And home for the holidays...

Look what we did Saturday! We all brought the ingredients to make our favorite Christmas treat, so we had a TON of goodies. You can't even see the full second table. We had peppermint bark, Payday bars (I will have to get the recipe, they're great!), candy cane cookies (more of an experiment, right sis? see pic below...), almond dipped pretzels, Oreo truffles, peanut butter balls, nutty dipped marshmallows, choco PB sandwiches, raisin cinnamon chip cookies, peanut brittle, and I hope I didn't miss any others! It was fun, and we made treat plates to share with everybody we know, since we had plenty:)

a sugar experiment gone wrong.

Norris showed us his "technique" for white chocolate pretzels. Yummy! Oreo truffles and PB balls. So easy, so sinful.

The ultimate Texas AND North Carolina fan himself. According to his stack of new UT and NC gear, anyway!

I'm not sure I've seen my grandpa cook before this moment, and it was great!!

I am in Topeka for Christmas and so glad to be here a couple days just to hang out before the true holiday festivities get underway. We celebrated this weekend with my mom's side and Norris' parents, and we'll be celebrating this week with my family, my dad's side, and Norris' dad. Rather than thinking of it as a lot of driving, I like to think of how blessed we are to have so much family to celebrate with!! Lots of pictures of the family so far...I don't have my computer to put my pictures on so I am just taking my mom's she's uploaded to their computer!
Merry Christmas!!!! Enjoy your time with your loved ones.