Friday, September 12, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

park across the street
our yard/new neighbor's front yard/street=river
our yard/new neighbor's front yard
street in front of our house.
our backyard.

I have honestly never known it to rain as much as it has since we have bought this house. Maybe I just notice it even more now that I am a homeowner and have to worry about flooding and such?!?

It has been raining HARD since long before I woke up. It is still raining HARD. As in Norris had to take the afternoon off to suck water out of our living room and put extra piping down from our gutter HARD. As in most schools in our area let out early because bodies of water were flooding and they wanted the kids to get home before they could no longer pass roads HARD. As in five busses couldn't make it to pick up kids today because the roads were impassable. Wow!

And this is nowhere near a hurricane. I feel a little guilty even writing "hard" in all caps because if we think it's raining HARD here, imagine what it must be like in those areas that are "facing certain death" if they stay. I am definitely praying for the people in those areas. And even for the (not so smart) people who chose to stay--mainly that they have enough sense to get the heck out of there before this hits. It's unbelievable. If someone told me a tornado was coming, I would go to where I knew it wouldn't get me, or wouldn't get me as hard, and leave all of my possessions behind immediately. I can't believe the people who are staying because they don't want people to steal things or reasons like that. Get the heck out of there!

Anyway, here are some pictures Norris took this morning of our new lakefront property. Will it bring the property value of our house up if we live this near a body of water?!?

Hope you all enjoy your rainy weekend! We will be hanging close around here so that we don't have a pond in our living room. Plus watching lots of football for sure!

Aaand we have some guests coming. I am so excited for Jillian and Brian to come stay with us!!