Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dining progress

Well, here's the side of the upstairs "living room" place that I have not yet filled. I still want two club chairs and an end table, but haven't found those yet...

Our awesome new chairs! We got them at World Market on super sale times two. I just got our new fall centerpiece and that metal hangy thing behind the table today at Gordman's. Still need a server or china cabinet over there in that corner (there's a lot more room than appears in this picture for it!)

And our new bathroom floor. Bathroom is obviously not finished yet, but this is it's progress so far. Wow that color appears even bluer in pictures! I really like the floor in here. We did the same in the kitchen. I will get updates on here on the house soon. We love to have visitors. Please come visit !!!!:) (people I know anyway...:)