Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chocolate Class

Another soccer season and school year is over and summer has begun! I ate a lot of cheese quesadillas and sunflower seeds for dinner. With Norris coaching track at the same time, there were weeks where one of us was gone every night, so on Sundays it was pretty much a "see you Friday!" planning of our week.
The end of this school year was bittersweet. I am moving on to a new district next year. I have been teaching in 259 since I started, but am excited to move on to my new school. It's the same district Norris teaches in and I have a great department waiting for me there. I'll miss having my sister at the same school. It was fun having two of my closest friends in the building with me with her and another friend. I'll miss my department, also. I'll really miss a lot of my kids, especially my advocacy class. I've had them since they were freshmen and they just finished their junior year. I've watched them grow up a lot and have really enjoyed them. The day they left was the day the tears started flowing! However, I am certain I'm making the right move and am anxious to start the new journey.
Enough sap, on to the fun stuff. We had ProStart teacher training two days this week and one afternoon was spent at a local chocolate shop. The owner is a master chocolatier and was really knowledgeable about her stuff. It also helped that she's pretty funny and easy to be around! They had things set out for us to create our own chocolates and we had fun doing that. We made champagne truffles with sparkle sugar and chocolate truffles covered in ganache with colorful transfers on top. I definitely didn't perfect the process, but it was fun and I got a few good ones!
We also got to try the rarest chocolate in the world, Fortunado (top center...the only one that doesn't look like a piece of candy). It was so, soooooo good. I have no idea how much it costs and know that we can't get it from anywhere, so I'll just enjoy it while I have it. She told us that this is "what chocolate is supposed to taste like" and everybody else is just trying to get theirs to taste like this. It was awesome!

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