Thursday, November 13, 2008


This is a painting that I found over one year ago, when we were registering for wedding gifts. I looked all over for this thing, after seeing only one at the store we were in. At the time, I didn't have a place to hang it or store it, so I didn't buy it. Then, I wanted it even if I didn't have a place to put it, went back to get it, and it wasn't there. I looked at all the other of the same chain and couldn't find it. Not onilne at that store. I even searched by the name of the picture (Leaf Dance. strange name) online on every site I could find and could not find it.
We went looking at model homes last spring, and hanging above the fireplace of one of the homes was MY PICTURE! I wanted to steal it, but my bag wasn't big enough. We went back to that open house at least two more times, and I can't even tell you what the house looked like; I only know they had my picture and I wanted it!
On Tuesday night, we went to Dillon's Marketplace (geez that place is HUGE! and awesome!) and I wanted to look in the furniture section quickly. I found an entry table for 35 bucks that we really like, so I thought the day was ending great. THEN we walked back to the closeout section and I saw a familiar picture. I told Norris that I knew that was by the same person who made the one I was looking for. We walked around to the other side and it was there! At closeout price!
So, long story short-- I finally found the picture I wanted and it was half price! Now it's hanging in our basement and I love it!!