Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pink Lemonade Cookies

Spring is clearly here--it's soccer season and our first tornado watches were this week. We'll have a few more days of cold weather (and maybe even some snow, who knows), but it seems as though we escaped a bitterly cold, snowy winter this year. Signs of spring and summer are also popping up in stores--swimsuits and Easter treats are out and I spotted this NEW product last week while walking the baking aisle! I normally like to make cookies from scratch, but I was so pumped to see pink lemonade cookies that I had to have the mix. They were selling lemonade frosting in cans to go with, but I already had leftover canned frosting from cake balls, so I made my own. These were so good! Mom, since our grocery store always has all the good flavors, I'll have to get you this here if you want it:) (she never can find the good flavors of marshmallows I'm always telling her about!)

I just followed the instructions for the box of cookie mix, except I used 75% of the butter it called for and they turned out just fine. Underbake them a little--you want them to be soft!
For the icing, I took a 1/2 can of vanilla icing and added the zest and juice of a lemon (depending on the size of your lemon, you may use less. start with half and adjust to your taste preferences). Perfect pair!

In cute dog news, this is the way they rode back from Topeka last weekend. Always have to be touching each other!! (they're at my feet right now sleeping and, of course, are touching each other)

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