Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I held an iguana in Mexico. He was really soft and friendly.

 Bear tried to learn how to swim. I think this picture is a good portrayal of how he does it. He looks like a person who was thrown overboard not knowing how to swim. His paws go straight up and down with head completely out of water. Trying to work on that teamwork so Bruno doesn't have to bring the whole haul:)
 Working on finishing the basement...obviously still in progress!
 Had an excellent time at the beach with excellent friends. It was beautiful and the resort was awesome!
 Spent lots of time here while at the resort...lots of chairs in the water plus I had my own floatie!
 Spent a beautiful evening on the beach.
Looking forward to a lot more of these things this summer. Headed back to HOT Florida for another week of culinary school next week!

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