Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our house...During

Here are a few during pictures. As you can see, we painted the walls and the trim. We replaced the carpet. This is the living room. I am currently working on painting the door and figuring out how to "dress" this bay window.
Looking the other way in the upstairs living room, down the hallway. You can probably see that the doorknobs and light fixtures have not been replaced yet.
This is our room (formerly the really blue room). I found this color on oops paint and loved it. It's more brown than green in person, but this picture looks kind of green for some reason.
The other room. Wow, it looks bright yellow in this picture! It's really more of a light gold color.
Everyone got in on the work--here's my grandpa stripping wallpaper in the utility room!!
And my grandma painting!
And my sister painting...
And my dad and Norris working on the new fan in the guest room. This is more the color that's in there, rather than what looked like bright gold above.
I loved using the power sander!
That's it for now...we are still under construction! I will take some pictures soon of where we are now to post!
Overall, our house is:
2000 Sq. Feet
3 bed/ 1.5 bath
We are using the 2nd bedroom as a guest room and the basement bedroom as a computer room/office with a bed also, so a guest room/office.